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We design beautiful and stunning websites for local businesses, non-profit-organisation and startups. We are Hamilton leading Web Design company

Unlock the true potential of your business with a website that delivers value.

Having a professionally designed website can greatly impact the success of your business by attracting more customers and increasing brand visibility. With a user-friendly interface and engaging content, your website can effectively communicate your brand message and showcase your products or services. Invest in a website that not only looks good but also provides value to your target audience, and watch your business thrive in the digital world.

Who We Are?

We are Web Design and Digital Marketing Experts based in Hamilton

We love empowering New Zealand’s small businesses by providing the right digital marketing solutions that don’t cost an arm and legs.

 We have a strong focus on providing exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships with our clients. We understand the importance of creating a website that not only looks great but also performs well and achieves the desired results. We work closely with each client to understand their business, target audience, and goals, and use this information to create a website that truly represents the client’s brand and values.

All websites are Search Engine Optimised and indexed on Google and Bing Search Engines from day one of launch.

We are specialized in WordPressShopify and WooCommerce platforms.

In addition to web design, the agency also offers a wide range of other digital services, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in web design and use cutting-edge tools and techniques to create websites that are visually stunning, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines.

Though Web Expert is a Web Design Company based in Hamilton NZ, we provide our services across the globe.

Why should you hire us?


Our team has had the pleasure of designing and developing websites for more than a decade. During this time, we've honed our skills and expertise to provide you with the best website possible. Drawing on our experience, we've become highly skilled in creating visually stunning, easy-to-use websites that are sure to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor each website to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Whether you're looking for a basic website to showcase your business, or a complex site with advanced functionality, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to bring your vision to life. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your online goals.

Our Approach

As a service provider, we firmly believe that a tailored approach to each project should always be taken. With our focus on systemics, we take great care in ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves, and we constantly strive to exceed expectations in terms of quality, timeliness, and budget. We take great pride in understanding our clients' needs with a deep curiosity and commit ourselves to researching solutions that are in line with their unique business processes. Our team of experts takes the time to analyze each aspect of a project, from its initial conception to its final implementation, to ensure that we deliver unparalleled results to our valued clients. In short, we make it our mission to approach each project with a strategic and holistic mindset that delivers lasting results.

We Are Local

We are a Hamilton Website Design and custom Web application development company. We are kiwi company. We look after our client's business website like our own website. We never let our client website down.That means putting in the extra effort to ensure that every aspect of the website is functioning perfectly and providing the best user experience possible.We know how important it is for our clients to have a website that is reliable and functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's why we offer 24x7 emergency support to ensure that any issues that may arise are handled promptly and efficiently. We understand that our client’s website is a reflection of their business and we take that very seriously. So rest assured that when you choose our team, your website is in good hands.

We reckon we’re pretty awesome

But don’t just take our word for it.

"Naimish was great to work with. I needed a transfer of websites, including two large (5gb+) to a new host and Naimish was responsive, proficient and where he needed upskilling, did so swiftly so as to minimise holdups. I thoroughly recommend working with him.."
Mark Graham
"Highly recommended! I'm so happy with my new website! Naimish was brilliant to deal with throughout the whole process. Really great value Website Design. I will 100% be passing on his details to anyone who's looking at getting a Website designed in the future."
Sanctum Landscapes
"Naimish is the man! He has been redesigning our WordPress e-commerce website and what an amazing difference and change he's made. Customers love it and find it easy to use. We love the new look and functionality. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, honest and reliable. High recommend his abilities and service if you need a website made or redesigned.."
Switch Stance Surf & Skate

Our Process

The website design process typically includes the following steps:

  • Discovery and planning

    The first step in the website design process is to understand the client's business, goals, and target audience. This includes researching the industry, competitors, and user needs.

  • Wireframing and prototyping

    After the discovery and planning phase, the designers will create wireframes and prototypes of the website. Wireframes are basic, low-fidelity layouts of the website, while prototypes are more detailed, interactive versions of the website. This allows the client to see how the website will look and function before it is built.

  • Design and layout

    After the wireframes and prototypes are approved, the designers will work on the design and layout of the website. This includes selecting colors, typography, and images, and creating a visually appealing layout that is consistent with the client's brand.

  • Development

    After the design is finalized, the website will be built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This step is where the design is converted into code that can be read and rendered by web browsers.

  • Testing and quality assurance

    Once the website is built, it will be thoroughly tested and quality assurance will be done to ensure that it is fully functional and free of errors.

  • Deployment

    Once the website is tested and approved, it will be deployed to a server or hosting platform, so that it can be accessed by users.

  • Maintenance and support

    After the website is launched, it will need to be maintained and supported. This includes updating content, fixing bugs, and making any necessary changes. The client and designers will also need to monitor the website's performance and make adjustments as needed to optimize the user experience and meet the client's goals.

Brands We Work With

Website Design Basic F.A.Q.

Here are frequently asked questions by many clients regarding website.

Website domain is basically a unique name of website that is use to identify a sepcific website and can be typed into a browser to access the site. For example domain for Google is “”.

Basically, humans can’t remember the IP address of a website so to make it easy domain name is used.  In other words, when you buy a domain, you have purchased the name for your site, but you still need to build the website itself.When you purchase a domain, you are essentially renting the right to use that specific name for a certain period of time, typically one year.

Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to store a website on the World Wide Web.

Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images has to be stored on a server to be viewable online.
The server where a website is stored is called a Web Server. 

Website domain costs vary depending on the domain. and .nz domains are sold for $29 to $50 per year. 

Web Hosting cost depends on hosting providers and hosting plan. Shared hosting is cheaper for simple business websites. 

Popular Web Hosting providers Hostinger, CrazyDomain, Host Ground, and Godaddy are hosting providers but they don’t have a data center or server in New Zealand. But they are super fast and affordable for small business websites. 
There are local web hosting service providers. New Zealand-based hosting providers bit pricy as they have local data centers and tech support. 
My preferred local NZ-based hosting is Hoopla Hosting 

Yes, the domain has an expiry annually when purchased from. You can register a domain for one year, two years, five years or ten years

A URL (aka Universal Resource Locator) is a complete web address used to find a particular web page. While the domain is the name of the website, a URL will lead to any one of the pages within the website. Every URL contains a domain name, as well as other components needed to locate the specific page or piece of content.

Examples of URLs:

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that is used to establish a secure connection between a web server and a web browser. It is used to encrypt data that is transmitted between the server and browser, ensuring that it cannot be intercepted or tampered with by third parties. This is particularly important for sites that handle sensitive information such as login credentials, personal information and financial data. SSL certificate is also important for SEO and it will give you the green padlock on the browser which is now considered as a trust factor by search engines.

What is your Website SEO Score?

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