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How to setup Covid19 Notification banner on WordPress Website?

In this post we will see step by step how to setup Notification Banner in WordPress Website

In New Zealand, Covid19 has hit many businesses.  Different businesses are impacted by lockdown levels. You can declare your business status in lockdown level using the Notification bar so your daily client won’t neg you ask the same question again and again.

I will show you how you can set up the Covid19 banner on your WordPress website. It’s very easy to setup.  Please follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to your WordPress Backend
    Beauty Point Covid19 Notification Banner

2. On the left-hand side mouse hover on the Plugins and click on Add New 


3. Search for Notibar plugin and install it.

Notibar Notification Banner Plugin

4. Activate Notibar plugin

5. After activating the plugin go to Appearance -> Notibar

Notibar from Appearance

6. Click on the Content options

Notibar content and button

7. Once all settings are done, click on publish button and review the Notification bar on the top.

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